Tonjanika Smith takes advantage of diverse opportunities in the undergraduate program, from classes in other Penn schools to a Wharton International Program trip to Morocco and Portugal.

3 best things about Wharton and Penn

  • Social life — there always something happening on and around campus. Shows, concerts, speakers, sports games, clubs…there’s never a dull moment, not even during exam time.
  • Diversity — my classmates come from all around the country and all around the world. It adds a unique perspective to my experience.
  • Opportunity — there are so many opportunities to try and experience things I have never done before.

Something I’ve learned about myself

I’ve learned that I am human, and that it is okay to make mistakes, to try something new, and to change my mind.

What I want to do with my business education

Pursue advanced degrees in education and law, further researching the intersection of law, economics, culture, and education. In the meantime, I am really interested in social impact and the nonprofit sector.

Favorite place on campus

Locust Walk in its entirety. It’s where I begin and end my day. It’s where I get to sight see the school almost every day, and it’s where I get to catch up with people I probably wouldn’t normally see otherwise.

Favorite activity

I love to dance. I teach dance in Southwest Philly every week, and I’m a co-choreographer for the gospel choir.

What makes Penn special

The One University aspect of the school is special to me. I can take classes in Wharton, the Nursing School, and the Graduate School of Education or any combination of undergraduate and graduate programs at Penn. It really adds an invaluable perspective to my academic interests.

Defining “business and more” experience

My most defining “business and more” experience would be participating on the Wharton International Program trip to Morocco and Portugal. I was able to see how cultural influences can play in the economic development and social impact of businesses in these countries.

Posted: June 22, 2016

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