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Leadership at Wharton empowers current and future leaders to succeed in today’s dynamic and complex business environment. We generate evidence-based research, providing cutting edge knowledge and tools to more effectively lead and manage organizations. Our world-renowned faculty strive to develop and equip diverse and global leaders who have the skills necessary to adapt to crisis and change and to help shape the future of work.

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Promoting Evidence-based Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Developing Diverse and Global Leaders

Managing Organizations Through Crisis and Change

Shaping the Future of Work

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As the undisputed leader in published academic business research, Wharton delivers tangible solutions that transform business practices and grow economic opportunities for all.

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  • Strengthen Your Leadership with the Science of Awe
    This Nano Tool for Leaders from Wharton Executive Education offers techniques for developing an "awe mindset" for greater creativity, improved collaboration, and better decision-making.…Read More
  • The Meeting Style That Generates Breakthrough Solutions
    In this Nano Tool for Leaders, experts from Wharton and SEB explain how a neuroscience-proven tool can help your team work more effectively to find solutions to tough challenges.…Read More
  • The Prepared Leader: The Five Phases of Crisis Management
    In an excerpt from their book ‘The Prepared Leader,’ Erika James and Lynn Perry Wooten lay down five steps to becoming a more prepared leader in times of crisis.…Read More
  • Creating Authentic Connections in Virtual Teams
    Working with Matriarca, an Argentinian sustainable goods distributor, scientists from the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative leveraged an exercise known as "Fast Friends" to improve online collaboration within the organization. In this article, they explain how any group can adopt the same technique. …Read More

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