Hiring and Onboarding

Academic Appointments and Administrative Resources

Wharton’s 240+ professors are one of the largest, most published faculties at any business school. Our standing and affiliated faculty members work within and collaborate across 10 academic departments and 20+ research centers and initiatives. Our faculty publishes regularly and is frequently cited by the press, and their research is disseminated worldwide through diverse media channels.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdoctoral researchers, or Post-Docs, play a pivotal role in the research community at the Wharton School. Their contributions extend beyond their doctoral studies, as they bring fresh perspectives, expertise, and innovative ideas to ongoing research projects. By collaborating with faculty members and doctoral students, Post-Docs enrich the academic environment, fostering a culture of intellectual exchange and knowledge-sharing. Additionally, their specialized skills and dedication to research excellence enhance the School’s reputation as a leading institution for cutting-edge research, attracting top talent and promoting interdisciplinary collaborations.

Search for open Post-Doc positions by visiting Wharton’s academic department websites.

Current Post-Docs

  • Nicholas H. Angelides (Wharton Neuroscience Initiative)
  • Timothy Barry (Statistics and Data Science)
  • Elizabeth C Beard (Wharton Neuroscience Initiative)
  • Alexandra Bray (Health Care)
  • Connor James Campbell (Marketing)
  • Kenneth Chung (Environmental, Social and Governance Initiative)
  • Adi Gross (The Wharton Initiative on Financial Policy and Regulation)
  • Hong Hu (Statistics and Data Science)
  • Do Kyung Kwon (Wharton People Analytics)
  • Yonghoon Lee (Statistics and Data Science)
  • Chan Park (Statistics and Data Science)
  • Scott Mckenzie Rennie (Marketing)
  • Samrat Roy (Statistics and Data Science)
  • Alon Yehoshua Rubinstein (Business Economics and Public Policy)
  • Steven Shaw (Marketing)
  • Tat Thang Vo (Statistics and Data Science)
  • Bingkai Wang (Statistics and Data Science)
  • Yutong Wu (Wharton People Analytics)
  • Mengxin Yu (Statistics and Data Science)
  • Zhixiang Zhang (Statistics and Data Science)
  • Yuchen Zhou (Statistics and Data Science)

Predoctoral Researchers

Many research centers at The Wharton School offer highly qualified recent college graduates interested in applying to PhD programs the opportunity to work directly with Wharton faculty as full-time Research Associates or Pre-Docs. These positions, lasting 1-2 years, prepare individuals to apply to business PhD programs, and our Pre-Docs are an essential part of the Wharton research community. Pre-Docs participate in academic seminars, take graduate-level courses, and actively support faculty research projects.

Current Pre-Docs

  • Fahad Algifari (Real Estate Center)
  • Katherine Chang (Behavior Change for Good)
  • Ethan Lawrence Deemer (Real Estate Center)
  • Octavio Elias De Lima (Real Estate Center)
  • Congyang Ding (Rodney L White Financial Research Center)
  • Stephanie Dodd (Business Economics and Public Policy)
  • Hongyi Fang (Real Estate Center)
  • Minahil Fatima (Real Estate Center)
  • Vitor Furtado Farias (Rodney L White Financial Research Center)
  • Ryan Hastings (Real Estate Center)
  • Ting He (Rodney L White Financial Research Center)
  • Andrew Joseph Hinchberger (Business Economics and Public Policy)
  • Adi J Jahic (Business Economics and Public Policy)
  • Young Woo Jung (Behavior Change for Good)
  • Srikur Kanuparthy (Rodney L White Financial Research Center)
  • Sameer Khan (Real Estate Center)
  • Muxin Li (Real Estate Center)
  • Weidong Lin (Finance)
  • Shangen Lu (Health Care)
  • Alexander Scott Luscher (Behavior Change for Good)
  • Braydon Neiszner (Real Estate Center)
  • Michael Partridge (Business Economics and Public Policy)
  • Madeline K Paxson (Behavior Change for Good)
  • Ramon Alejandro Silvera Zumaran (Behavior Change for Good)
  • Paige Stevenson (Rodney L White Financial Research Center)
  • Adam Streff (Business Economics and Public Policy)
  • Muhammad Danial Syed (Mack Institute for Innovation Management)
  • Christina Tong (Mack Institute for Innovation Management)
  • Mengmeng Wang (Real Estate Center)
  • Alexandru Zanca (Real Estate Center)
  • Shuman Zhang (Rodney L White Financial Research Center)
  • Yizhong Zhang (Rodney L White Financial Research Center)
  • Wanxi Zhou (Business Economics and Public Policy)

Research Assistants

Research Assistant positions at The Wharton School provide Penn undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to work alongside faculty to support research activities.

Research Assistants Resources