Why Women on Boards Matters Today

eSTABLISHING EQUITY IN AMERICA'S BOARDROOMS 0%Percentage of women on America’s corporate boards Wharton is expanding opportunity from today's classrooms to tomorrow's best boardrooms. For executive women who aspire to serve on corporate boards, opportunities appear promising, but there’s still a long way to go. Most expect companies to hold spaceRead More

Why Wharton Created a New MBA Cohort

Creating an Exceptional New MBA Option 0Continents represented in EMBA’s first Global cohort With the Global cohort, executives can earn their Wharton MBA from anywhere in the world. Designed for optimal remote delivery to members of Wharton’s new Global cohort, state-of-the-art technology allows students to learn, thrive, and build communityRead More

WAVE Innovation

Discovering an Exceptional Virtual Classroom 0WAVE learners in 2023 We invented a top-of-the-line virtual classroom experience without sacrificing the quality of Wharton’s world-class education. With students now tuning into Wharton's learnings from countries that range from Ghana to Hong Kong, WAVE truly extends Wharton's world wide reach to a newRead More

Innovation_Stat Bridge

THE WHARTON WAY Our Bridge to a Doctorate in Data Sciences The Challenge How can Wharton implement innovative teaching methods that empower talented individuals by enhancing their opportunities in data-driven professions? The Audience Candidates passionate about data analytics who are seeking to enhance their skills for successful entry into competitiveRead More

Innovation_WAVE classroom

THE WHARTON WAY Our WAVE Classroom How we innovate our pedagogy  Wharton's Academic Virtual Environment  The Challenge How can Wharton leverage educational technology to expand its teachings and global impact to wider audiences? The Audience Anyone associated with Wharton’s diverse range of educational offerings is eligible to participate in anRead More