Creating an Exceptional New MBA Option

Number of continents represented in EMBA’s first Global cohort

With the Global cohort, executives can earn their Wharton MBA from anywhere in the world.

Designed for optimal remote delivery to members of Wharton’s new Global cohort, state-of-the-art technology allows students to learn, thrive, and build community regardless of where they’re based. As a pedagogical innovation spearheaded by the School’s team of business leaders and world-class professors, the creation of the Global cohort marks the first time Wharton’s MBA Program for Executives is inviting a learning group to participate in a synchronous and virtual format, peppered with a number of engaging in-person residency sessions woven throughout the program.

With a curriculum that’s interspersed with opportunities to learn while abroad, the program option is made for a diverse pool of experienced professionals from around the globe. Global cohort members also come together in-person on five or more occasions throughout their 22-month program.

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"Teaching the Global cohort students is every Wharton faculty member’s dream. We are, at long last, taking education into the 21st century, breaking molds, and innovating like there is no tomorrow.”

– Mauro Guillén
The William H. Wurster Professor of Multinational Management
Vice Dean, MBA Program for Executives
Global cohort members during their in-person Orientation Week in Philadelphia. (Image: Wharton MBA Program for Executives)

Wharton is expanding the accessibility of its renowned MBA program, enriching the breadth of our global network and community.

Considered fully-fledged Wharton MBA students, Global cohort members experience both community and a world-class education wherever they are. The blended schedule provides the convenience of remote learning plus in-person residential weeks to help students develop and maintain strong relationships. Taught live by Wharton’s esteemed faculty via the School’s cutting edge virtual classroom, the Global cohort attends synchronous and virtual classes on a regular cadence.

These students operate around their work schedules and family life to participate from various time zones, while Wharton faculty members deliver the elevated learning experience for which Wharton is known. In addition to connecting with their Global cohort community via virtual classes, the cohort’s residential weeks on Wharton’s Philadelphia and San Francisco campuses are complemented by numerous international learning opportunities.

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