Forging New Frontiers in ESG investments

Percentage of publicly traded companies with ESG initiatives*

To lead current and future generations, executives must be prepared to take action now.

Whether one is building a new board of directors or an investment portfolio, there is no doubt that issues related to ESG are more prevalent than ever before. Once considered a niche field, ESG is now cited as “the #1 factor impacting business strategy” by Forbes.

Leaders must navigate several cross currents, keeping pace with an accelerating regulatory landscape by guiding people and investors through organizational changes, all while delivering more value for increasingly demanding and sophisticated shareholders.

Because of the rapid emergence of ESG-related issues, Wharton created a new suite of ESG certificates built to help executives, strategists, and other professionals lead through this changing world.

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"This field is moving at such a rapid rate that current executives have found themselves along for the ride, whether they want to be or not. We know from the inquiries there is pent-up demand for this type of executive training--for a powerful, actionable toolkit that can be used now, as opposed to down the road."

Vit J. Henisz

Vice Dean and Faculty Director of the ESG Initiative
Deloitte & Touche Professor of Management in Honor of Russell E. Palmer, former Managing Director

Pictured is the Morris Arboretum, the world renowned garden and Philly-based greenspace administered by Penn. (Image: University of Pennsylvania)

Wharton’s ESG certificates are designed to capitulate executives to the forefront of ESG decision making.

Sessions are led by award-winning and tenured Wharton faculty who are pioneering the academic research and leading the dialogue in the rapidly evolving ESG field. Many of these programs are hosted via Wharton’s groundbreaking WAVE classroom experience, which enhances both user and faculty participation.

The new executive education certificate programs are part of a broader focus on ESG at Wharton. As part of its debut of the ESG Initiative in July 2022, the School committed to launching new business curriculum, centers, and labs focused on ESG. The Wharton Climate Center, the Impact Investing Research Lab, the Political Risk & Identity Lab, and the Zicklin Center for Governance & Business Ethics are also part of the initiative.

*From a 2020 Navex survey of 1,250+ large corporations based in the United States and Europe.
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