Tulika Garg, WG’21, and Wenshan Wang, WG’ 22 — who each received a $15,000 scholarship and one-on-one mentorships — talk about the value of supporting women in top MBA programs.

Over the past 30 years, the Financial Women of San Francisco (FWSF) has awarded more than $2.5 million to approximately 300 women. This year, two of those women are EMBA students at Wharton’s San Francisco campus. In addition to receiving a $15,000 scholarship, the winners are each paired with a mentor. We asked the Wharton recipients, Tulika Garg, WG’21, and Wenshan Wang, WG’23, to tell us more about the importance of the award and mentorship for women in business.

Tulika Garg, WG’21


Senior Engineering Manager, Adobe

Based In

Los Gatos, CA

Wharton Campus

San Francisco

Prior Education

  • St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, B.Sc. Physics
  • Delhi University, MCA Computer Science

My Background

Tulika and her family

“I was born in Delhi, India in a culture where women traditionally work at home and financial independence is not an option. I wanted to break out of that mold, so I studied a lot and earned a scholarship for college and graduate school. I started my career as an engineer and later moved into management, but I hit a point where in order to continue to grow – or to start my own business – I needed an MBA from a top program. My husband and I moved from India to the Bay Area in 2017 and I started looking at EMBA programs within a year. I currently have a five-year-old and I’m pregnant with my second child.”

Why Wharton

“During the application process, I received an invitation from Wharton to attend an FWSF event for women at the Wharton San Francisco campus. It was an amazing event and I was able to network with many women and have great discussions. I was still relatively new to the Bay Area and was interested in getting involved with a nonprofit board. At the event, I met a woman who gave me guidance, and now I’m on the board of Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley. The supportive nature of the Wharton community was a deciding factor for me in applying. I saw how Wharton emphasizes what it can do for students, not just with an education, but also with networking and connections.”

Tulika with her classmates

The Value of Mentorship

“I couldn’t have broken the mold without mentoring and support. It started with my mother, who encouraged me and continued with my teachers, friends, and siblings. It is easier to believe in yourself when others believe in you. At Wharton, we have a Wharton Women of San Francisco group, which provides support and mentorship. We usually meet up once a month and also have a chat channel. At work, I help run a shadowing program for female employees. We pair them with an executive for a full day so they can see what it is like to be in their shoes. Those pairings often develop into mentoring relationships. I’m excited for the mentoring to begin with the FWSF and be part of this inclusive community of women in finance. They already have a lot of great conversations lined up.”

Receiving the Scholarship

“In addition to money, this scholarship gives us access to an important Bay Area network of successful women who are willing to help other aspiring women achieve their dreams by providing career guidance and access to growth opportunities. And it is also an opportunity for me to pay it forward by guiding and mentoring other young women.”

Wenshan Wang, WG’22


Finance and Business Operation Lead, Tesla

Based In

Palo Alto, CA

Wharton Campus

San Francisco

Prior Education

  • Beihang University, B.S. in Aerospace Engineering
  • Clemson University, PhD in Mechanical Engineering

My Background

“I was born in China and came to the U.S. in 2008 for my PhD program. I started my career with DRÄXLMAIER in the U.S. and Germany, where I worked on different sides of the business, including corporate strategy and sales. In 2018, I joined Tesla and currently work as the finance and business operation lead. Our goal is to reduce cost and improve our financial sustainability. I wanted an MBA to gain a formal business education and meet people in different industries. I also wanted to learn more about entrepreneurship because I want to start my own business in the future. I came to Wharton because it is the top school for finance and the EMBA program offers an opportunity to balance work, school, and other parts of your life. I’m divorced and have a four-year-old son.”

Wenshan with her son

Value of Mentoring

“I thought about getting an MBA in my mid-20s, but I didn’t have financial stability yet. I also did not have support from my then-husband. This award is meaningful because it not only provides financial support, but also mentoring. It is helpful to talk to other women facing similar issues and learn from their experiences. Finance is a male-dominated and competitive field. Mentorship is an important benefit.”

Finding Mentors

“For people who are not specifically assigned a mentor, it’s important to remember that all you need to do is ask. People may not initially offer you that option, but it is often because they don’t know it is what you need. At a prior company, I met the CFO and asked him about how I could grow in the workplace. He was very generous with his time and helped me move up in that company. And I still connect with my advisors in the PhD program. We all need support, and mentorship is a great way to benefit from someone else’s knowledge and experience.

The FWSF mentorship is unique because someone is specifically assigned to mentor me. I’m excited to start that process. I’ve been in touch with some board members by email and some women are already sharing their stories.”

Overcoming Challenges for Women in Business

“Very few women get to the board level. What do they lack? The biggest problem is a lack of equal opportunities. They also may be taking care of their kids and household. An EMBA is a great environment for women to step away from their personal life on school weekends and focus on education. An EMBA education helps you network with more people, collaborate with classmates, and even build companies together. That is what will help us find future opportunities and get to the top levels.”

—By Meghan Laska

Posted: August 26, 2020

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