“My advice to the next incoming class? You belong here. After WEMBA, you’ll realize there’s nothing you can’t do.” –Dr. Frank Igwé, WG’20

Dr. Frank Igwé, WG’20, already had a successful business when he enrolled in the Wharton MBA Program for Executives. As Founder and President of Moravia Health, a full-service Homecare Agency, Frank was responsible for delivering the highest quality healthcare to a large client base while continuing to scale his business. He had big plans for his company, aiming to expand from one location in Philadelphia to 50 locations across the country. “But there’s only so much you can do with innate knowledge,” said Frank. “I realized as the company grew that I needed to expand my knowledge on the science of managing a growing enterprise. On any given day, I was dealing with thousands of employees and clients. They deserved someone who’s had the absolute best training to lead them effectively. That’s why I chose Wharton.”

The Wharton Difference

When Frank reflects on his time at Wharton, it’s clear that his fellow classmates had as much of an impact on him as the rigorous business curriculum. “I spent two years surrounded by intellectual heavyweights, which was a truly invigorating and humbling experience,” he said. “Some of their intellectual DNA was bound to rub off on me, and mine on them. It was an incredible opportunity to tap into that knowledge base and elevate my own network.” He also credits Professors MacDuffie, Hernandez, and Siggelkow for helping him better understand the science of scaling a business. “They taught me concepts such as organizational culture and the founder’s blueprint,” he said. “How do we improve organizational processes? How do you replicate your business in different locations? How do you recruit and hire the right people, design effective incentive systems, appraise and reward performance, and retain highly motivated employees? Going further, how do you analyze an industry, create value, and position yourself within that industry as number one? I learned all this at Wharton.” In addition to the network and his professors, Frank was also impressed with Wharton’s data-driven curriculum. He stated, “Business is a science, and you have to know which formulas to apply to achieve the optimal solution. Now that I have my Wharton MBA, my business decisions are much more informed and precise.”

Class Manager Support

It’s not always smooth sailing throughout the Wharton EMBA program, but Frank had the support he needed to push through tough times. “The first semester took a little adjusting,” he said. “It was hard going from running my business full-time to becoming a student again. My class manager Amy really helped me with that transition.”  WEMBA’s class managers are responsible for handling class weekend logistics, including hotel room and classroom space reservations, course material delivery, and organizing speaker events. They also serve as unofficial therapists-in-residence for their students. “The Wharton MBA Program for Executives is full of high-powered individuals. Underrepresented groups can tend to feel imposter syndrome; no matter who you are, it’s natural to question yourself. Amy infused confidence in me and assured me that I belonged. My advice to the next incoming class? You do belong here. After WEMBA, you’ll realize there’s nothing you can’t do.”

Moravia Health

Today, Moravia Health is Pennsylvania’s premier Home Care agency, with locations in ten cities across the state. By the end of the summer, it will have expanded to Delaware, New Jersey, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and California. The business earned a Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission, reflecting “Best in Class” care, and last year became the official home health care agency of the Philadelphia Eagles, the Philadelphia 76ers, and the Philadelphia Union. Frank’s next venture, Moravia Cares, launched this month. “Moravia Cares is a non-profit organization which focuses on making sure that the community we serve is fed. The majority of our clients are low-income and thus at a higher risk of food insecurity. Moravia Cares hopes to fill that void via direct funding and donations from those who want to support the mission.” Frank is confident that Moravia Cares will make a significant impact on the Pennsylvania community in the near future.

As his business gets recognized, so does Frank’s prowess. He was named one of Philadelphia Business Journal’s “Most Admired CEOs of 2021” and last month made the 2022 Health Care Power 100, a list of Pennsylvania leaders driving advances in medicine, technology, and policy. Ultimately, Frank is just happy to have a career that he’s passionate about. “My mother was a nurse, so I saw firsthand the immense impact that healthcare workers have on their patients,” he said. “We help our clients live the best lives they can, and there is such satisfaction in seeing that every day. Our employees are devoted to our mission and treat our clients as if they were members of their own family. That’s our philosophy, and that’s what makes us Moravia Health.”

Kendra King

Posted: July 18, 2022

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