Rishi Simha hasn’t decided on future career plans, but the curriculum and extracurriculars at Wharton and Penn have allowed him to try out marketing, business strategy, and corporate development.

3 best things about Wharton and Penn

  • The student life. It’s really remarkable that every organization – from student government to performing arts – makes its members feel like part of a family.
  • The incredible faculty. Despite their credentials, my professors have been easy to approach. There are programs at Penn that let you take your professor to lunch, and I’ve taken a professor to lunch every semester at Penn!
  • The location. Campus is an urban oasis. When I am walking down Locust, I never realize that I’m in Philadelphia. That being said, I’m a short cab ride away from a variety of unbelievable restaurants.

What I want to do with my business education

I’m pretty undecided about the future. I would love to work on business strategy and corporate development at a major firm. I would also love to teach high school US History and coach the varsity basketball team. Eventually, though, I’d love to take my business education and run for public office to help the government make more efficient, optimal decisions.

Favorite place on campus

I love grabbing breakfast in Joe’s Café. The seating area has glass walls, so the lighting is great and you can see the trees and foot traffic of Woodland Walk. It’s the perfect place to relax just before class.

Favorite activity outside of campus

That’s easy: being a member of the Mask and Wig Club’s business staff. I essentially fill seats to a really funny show my best friends have written through advertising and sales effort. At its core, a Mask and Wig show intends to make people laugh and have a good time, which is extremely rewarding. Plus, the camaraderie within the organization is unparalleled to anything else I’ve ever experienced.

Something I learned that I’ve already used

In Marketing 101, students are taught about a situational analysis using the 5Cs. One of those Cs stands for “Context,” and I am currently applying that idea to my work with the Mask and Wig Club. The group is 125 years old, and while our shows are our primary public offering, the climate or “context” has definitely changed. Social media is huge, and I plan to effectively integrate our various social media efforts to reach a national audience.

Defining “business and more” experience

Through a half credit course called a WIP (Wharton International Program), I traveled to Chile and Argentina, experiencing the culture and meeting with executives at the top native firms in a variety of industries. There was a definite business focus since we sat in board rooms of the financial services, airline, and retail industries and learned about strategic business decisions and the impact of the economy on these companies. However, it was beyond business since I toured iconic cultural centers and became friends with a dozen fellow Penn students who I had never met before the trip.

Posted: June 21, 2016

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