Wharton Stories: Wharton Entrepreneurs Workshops

After more than six years as a Special Forces medical sergeant, Thomas Cavett, WG’18, G’18, came to Wharton to work on the launch of an innovative traumatic injury detection device.

How This Lauder Vet Is Working to Create Life-Saving Devices for the Military

Wharton Entrepreneurs Workshop #52 — “Why and How to Pursue Angel Investing” with David Mes, WG’05, and Ben Orthlieb, WG’07

Why and How to Pursue Angel Investing

Wharton Entrepreneurs Workshop #51 — “How to Make Sure Your Product Is User-Driven, and Why It Matters” with Julie Price, WG’08

How to Make Sure Your Product Is User-Driven

Wharton Entrepreneurs Workshop #50 — “Start Up Selling” with Jeffrey Goodman, WG’96, Genweb2 VP of Sales

A Powerful Model for Targeting the Right Kinds of Customers

Wharton Entrepreneurs Workshop #49 — “The Art of Product Management” with Sachin Rekhi, ENG’05, W’05

How to Master the Art of Product Management

Wharton Entrepreneurs Workshop #48 — “Getting your Mobile App Done – A Session for Managers and Entrepreneurs” with Zornitza Stefanova, WG’05

The Team, Tools, and Process You Need to Build a Mobile App

Wharton Entrepreneurs Workshop #47 — “Crowdfunding to Series B – Launching (Literally) a Satellite-Powered Data Product” with Chris Wake

How Spire Went from Kickstarter Poster Child to a Multinational Organization

Wharton Entrepreneurs Workshop #46 — “Acqui-Hires in the Bay Area Tech Sector: An Alternative to the Simple Offer of Employment” with Todd Carpenter and Rachel Proffitt

The Dynamics and Corporate Motivations Involved in an Acqui-hire

Wharton Entrepreneurs Workshop #45 — “The Strava Story: Lessons in Customer Obsession and Engagement and Other Keys to Growth” with Strava Cofounder and CEO Mark Gainey

Strava CEO Shares Lessons in Customer Engagement and Other Keys to Growth

Wharton Entrepreneurs Workshop #44 — “Intellectual Property: Developing, Managing and Strategizing Your IP in the Startup Company” with Dan Hansen and Randy Gard

Developing, Managing, and Strategizing Your IP in the Startup Company