Wharton undergrad Isabel Solares balances a French minor and membership on the Wharton Retail Club Board with her concentrations in finance and marketing.

3 best things about Wharton

  • The diversity of the student body. My friends come from all around the country and the world! I truly feel like a global citizen because of it.
  • The freedom and flexibility to pursue other interests outside of business. I love being able to integrate my business education with a liberal arts education.
  • The social life both on and off campus. There is always so much going on, like speaker events, club activities, performances, or concerts and food festivals in downtown Philly. There is no such thing as a dull moment here.

Favorite activity

I love being a part of the Wharton Retail Club Executive Board. The club has allowed me to pursue my interest in fashion by offering amazing opportunities, like getting to have lunch with the CEO of Fendi, or going to the Fashion Institute of Technology to learn about how jeans are made, and taking multiple trips to New York City to visit different companies’ corporate offices, like Tiffany & Co., Gucci, and Spring. We even got a tour of the Rebecca Minkoff store in Soho and we tried out their interactive dressing room mirrors. Outside of fashion, I’ve learned so much about e-commerce, corporate strategy, brand management, and merchandising. I also met some of my best friends because of the club and it’s great to be able to work with such amazingly talented people who are just as passionate as you are.

Something that I learned at Wharton and was able to apply

In my Consumer Behavior class, I learned a lot about how and why people behave as consumers. We looked at behavioral research and learned about psychological theories that explain consumers’ decision-making processes. I worked on a project with a team to assess the removal of Abercrombie & Fitch’s logo in an attempt to renovate its brand. We were able to apply the theories that we learned in class to make recommendations to A&F like changing its store design by removing the store shutters, including window displays and increasing the store’s brightness level. We also made other recommendations geared towards its marketing campaigns. A few months later, I saw that A&F had actually implemented these changes, which was definitely rewarding as I realized that our recommendations were right and they were effectively attracting more consumers.

What makes Wharton special

The people. Everyone comes from such different backgrounds, but Wharton students are so talented and they share a sense of ambition and spirit that transcends the classroom. My classmates inspire me and I’ve learned just as much from them as I have from my classes.

What I want to do with my business education

I want to return to my home country, Mexico, because I believe in its potential and I want to make a difference. I am confident that Wharton has given me the tools and the experiences to empower others to live up to their full potential.

Posted: June 22, 2016

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