Matthew Kim came to Wharton for skills to make an impact. “Ultimately, I hope to use my business education to make meaningful, long-term change in the world,” he said. “As broad as this may sound, I believe that my education has equipped me with the tools I need to not only critically analyze social issues, but also develop feasible solutions that can be enacted effectively.”

3 best things about Wharton

  • People – Some of the most interesting, funniest, and smartest people I have ever met are my fellow classmates and friends here at Penn.
  • Location – I may be biased, but Penn is one of the most beautiful and scenic college campuses in the country. Living in Philadelphia is also a plus, as there is always something to do, whether on-campus or downtown.
  • Opportunities – From an academic standpoint, Penn offers us a customizable and comprehensive education that is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. From an extracurricular standpoint, it is very easy to get involved with clubs, student organizations, and other groups on campus. You have the option to pursue current interests or try something entirely new, or do both! From a professional standpoint, we are very fortunate to have a multitude of resources, notably the Wharton network composed of currents students and alumni, to guide us as we start thinking about our potential careers and life after college.

Something I’ve learned about myself

I like the snow. We rarely get any back home in Southern California, so experiencing my first “real” snowfall and snowball fight this year was a lot more fun than I expected.

Favorite place on campus

Penn Park, especially at night when I’m playing soccer with some friends and the skyline seems to light up the field!

Favorite Class

Philosophy of Law was one of the most interesting classes I’ve taken at Penn so far. It really challenged my thinking and the methods I previously utilized to construct an argument. Taking this class concurrently with some of the Wharton core classes really balanced my academic schedule nicely.

Favorite Activity

Going to Center City for a night out with friends, or playing soccer at Penn Park!

Something useful I’ve learned

Persevere! The spring semester of my freshman year I wrote an article for the Daily Pennsylvanian on Zynga co-founder and Wharton alumnus Mark Pincus. The start to finish process that normally takes a few days took much longer than usual, but seeing the final product with my name under the headline gave me a sense of accomplishment that would not have been possible without perseverance and patience.

Posted: June 21, 2016

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