Wharton Stories: Lipman Family Prize

The Lipman Family Prize rewards both nonprofits and Wharton students committed to making the world a better place.

A Decade of Doing Good: The Lipman Family Prize Celebrates 10 Years

Erik Lampmann, L‘20, reflects on his experience exploring the opposite side of the social sector as a Lipman Fellow.

Why I Became a Lipman Fellow & What I’ve Learned

Nduka Nwankwo, WG’19, plans to use the skills he cultivated as a Lipman fellow to drive new projects for the Prize, which awards organizations for outstanding achievements in the social sector every year.

Why This Lipman Fellow Alumnus Returned to the Program as a Graduate Assistant

myAgro, a 2018 Lipman Family Prize Honoree, helps small-scale farmers to increase their income by using their mobile phones to pay on layaway for high-quality inputs (seeds, fertilizer) and agricultural training.

myAgro: Providing Access to Seed From Cell Phones

Operation ASHA, a 2018 Lipman Family Prize Honoree, works with tuberculosis (TB) patients amongst the poorest of the poor, living in slums, villages, or hard to reach tribal areas.

Operation ASHA: Scaling Up to Eradicate Tuberculosis in 25 Years

Ubuntu Pathways, a 2018 Lipman Family Prize Honoree, breaks the cycle of poverty by providing South Africa’s most vulnerable children with what all children deserve –– everything, every day.

Ubuntu Pathways: Pilot, Pivot, Progress for South African Children

“As soon as we read their application, there was no doubt in our minds that Women Against Abuse had helped launch an inspiring, inclusive, and innovative approach to ending domestic violence.”

Women Against Abuse Wins 2017 Lipman Family Prize

“We know that where you are in the world does not dictate your talent and your aptitude for science, and it should not dictate your access to resources to put those talents to work.”

Seeding Labs Delivers Lab Equipment and Training to Global South

“Health care providers are working more safely, effectively, and without fear. And pregnant women are more confident in the care they’ll receive — in some places even seeking care at higher rates.”

We Care Solar Improves Maternal and Newborn Health with Reliable Electricity

“This is not an initiative; this is deep, deep systems change and transformation for communities. And it takes the entire community. Momentum comes, synergies come and change happens exponentially.”

Women Against Abuse Wins Lipman Family Prize for Community Efforts to End Domestic Violence