Jacob Söderstjerna came to Wharton from Sweden, and has found that every student here has a different Penn story.

3 best things about Wharton

  • The best thing about Wharton and Penn is the people. I don’t think its possible to fully explain how amazing it is to spend your days surrounded by some of the most intellectual, curious and diverse people you’ll ever meet.
  • The second best thing is the mix of academics, social life and pre professionalism. Some say Penn and Wharton trains you for life after graduation, and I truly believe that is true.
  • The third best thing about Wharton and Penn is the fact that you can study an amazing range of subjects. Not only do I get to explore my interests in finance and management, but I also get to discover new subjects that I haven’t studied before.

Something unexpected that I learned at Penn

When coming to Penn I didn’t expect that you would be trained in how to structure your day-to-day activities. With the fast-paced life and the amazing amount of things to do, you are forced to learn how to structure your life and make sure that you are aware of everything that is happening around you. I find this amazing as it prepares you for a life in which you balance work with personal things.

Favorite class

One of my best experiences from Penn was when I took an introductory class in legal studies. It was a topic I didn’t know anything about, and it involved a way of thinking I had not encountered before. I spent the first couple of weeks in confusion, but slowly progressed towards enlightenment. By Christmas I understood a different way of thinking about issues that I still use today. To me, it was an ideal class, taught in the most intriguing, challenging and entertaining way.

What makes Wharton/Penn special

The most special thing about Penn and Wharton is that everyone has a special and different experience during their time here. I am amazed by how many different options there are, and how diverse the people that you meet are. Everyone chooses a different path to graduation, and you know that what might first seem like a mundane conversation with a stranger at Penn, will always develop into an interesting discussion.

What I want to do with my business education

As a rising sophomore I don’t yet know what I want to do once I graduate. Even though that might sound intimidating, I feel confident in that Wharton will equip me with the tools I need to succeed, no matter what I decide to do.

Posted: June 22, 2016

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