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Wharton is known the world over as “The Finance School.” Long dominant in finance education, Wharton’s alumni, students, and faculty are taking on global financial challenges and opportunities through alternative investments, fintech, impact investing, and financial inclusion.

Finance Department

For over 120 years, Wharton’s Finance Department has remained at the forefront of finance education and research. Today, Wharton Finance offers premier courses, publishes groundbreaking research, and holds seminars and conferences around the world.

Where Heritage Meets Innovation

Jacobs Levy Equity Management Center for Quantitative Financial Research

Advancement of quantitative finance, intersection of theory and practice, creation and dissemination of innovative knowledge

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Harris Family Alternative Investments Program

Global hub for the development of leading-edge research in private equity, hedge funds, and venture capital

Rodney L. White Center for Financial Research

One of the oldest U.S. financial research centers, promoting innovative empirical and theoretical research in financial economics

Stevens Center for Innovation in Finance

Explores fintech—the intersection of technology and finance

Academic Programs in Finance at Wharton

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Standing Faculty
Students with a Finance Major or Concentration

“Wharton’s emphasis on rigor and quantitative objective analysis is balanced against the importance of practical application. Everything we do has a reason, and that reason stems from problems that executives face in their jobs every day.”

Prof. Michael Roberts

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Learn finance from Wharton experts through online and executive courses.

Advanced Finance Program

Exclusive, tailored learning journey taught by the same Wharton faculty who teach in our top-ranked MBA program
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Fundamentals of Quantitative ModelingBusiness Finance Modeling

 Gain the key ideas and process of quantitative modeling so that you can begin to create your own models for your own business or enterprise.

Books, Analysis, and Podcasts

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